Liquidating an estate? Moving? Downsizing? We offer several valuable services.


Expert Planning and Management of Your Estate Sale
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Estate Sale Management

We conduct professional, on-site estate sales. We also give estate advice, and conduct liquidations, and other related sales.

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Off-Site Sales & Buy-Outs

Can’t have a sale in your location? We try to find the best venue to sell your treasures. We also purchase items or whole estates.

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Expert Appraisal Services

We specialize in certified appraisals of antiques, art and collectibles, but we can expertly appraise all types of personal property.

About Us

What's Behind Our Ability to Plan and Manage Estate Sales So Effectively
Twenty-five Years of Experience, Our Caring Attitude, and Our Desire to Always Do Better

As the owners of Oliver's Twist Estate Sales, Clay and Cindy Oliver are recognized experts in managing estate sales and liquidating personal property. They're so effective because they pay close attention to the key elements of a successful estate sale... VALUATION: Your estate sale items must be properly valued and priced to sell in today's market. The Olivers are Professional Appraisers. They have the knowledge, education, and experience to set prices that insure sales....... PREPARATION: Organization is critical to an efficient and smooth sale. Over the years, the Olivers have honed their systems for efficient sale preparation. As part of prep, they stage your sale items so they attract the most attention on sale day... MANAGEMENT: When the sale is held, the Olivers insure it's conducted efficiently and smoothly. On site themselves, they also bring in trained staff to assist and insure buyer needs are met... MARKETING AND PROMOTION: The Olivers employ a range of techniques designed to reach and bring in the buying audience. A coordinated campaign will insure you get the greatest possible attendance at your sale. From ads in newspapers and circulars, to online promotion, to direct contact with their network of dealers and shopkeepers, their efforts turn out the buyers on sale day.

  • Valuing your estate sale items properly and pricing them to sell in today's market.

  • Organizing every element of your sale prior to the event.

  • Insuring your sale is conducted smoothly and efficiently on Sale Day.

  • Getting the word out to draw the right buyers on Sale Day.


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