August 29, 2015

Off-Site Sales & Buy-Outs

Off-Site Sales

Some communities don’t permit on-site sales.  If you live in a gated community, for example, the home owner’s association may prohibit sales from your home.

We may still be able to help with a sale of your items.  We provide Off-Site sales at third-party locations.  This may be rented space, or it might be a combination sale with another estate.

Bottom-line, we’ll try to find the best venue to sell your treasures.

Just contact us if this is your situation and we’ll help you determine the best option.


We also purchase individual items or entire estates.  This option is often preferable for the property owner who faces a tight deadline. Or, it may be the solution when restrictions prevent an on-site sale from taking place.

Regardless of the situation, we’ll do our best to provide a satisfactory solution for the liquidation of your personal property.

Get a Free Personal Consultation to Find Out More

For more information, or to arrange a Free Initial Consultation about your liquidation requirements, email Clay or Cindy Oliver at: or call our store at 352-735-3337.